Why You Don’t Need Carbs After a Workout: Post-Workout Nutrition Myths Busted

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Or will they?

Actually, they won’t.

Here’s why:

It’s true that muscle glycogen is synthesized more rapidly if you take in some carbs immediately after a workout rather than several hours later.

In fact, delaying the consumption of post-workout carbs for just two hours has been shown to slow the rate of muscle glycogen resynthesis by as much as 50%.

But as long as you’re getting enough carbohydrate in your diet, glycogen levels will return to normal after a day or two, regardless of when that carbohydrate is consumed.

Put differently, the speed of post-exercise glycogen synthesis is not important as long as the total carbohydrate need for the day is met.

Unless you’re doing multiple daily workouts, a decent muscle-building diet will provide enough carbohydrate to restore glycogen regardless of whether or not it’s taken immediately after training.

Think of it like putting fuel in your car.

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