Top Tips From The Experts And Experienced to Keep Building Muscle After 40

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If you want to keep building muscle after 40, but you’re not sure what (if anything) you should be doing differently, this page will show you how.

Read a few “fit over 40” articles, and you’d be forgiven for thinking that hitting 40 means immediately trading in your barbells and dumbbells for a mobility scooter and walk-in bath.

Top Tips From The Experts And Experienced to Keep Building Muscle After 40

Does your training need to be radically differently once you turn 40?

The short answer to that question is no, it does not.

The fact you’re old enough to remember the opening theme music from TJ Hooker doesn’t mean that your program should involve nothing more strenuous than shoulder rolls, toe raises, and a few deep breathing exercises.

So if you’re in your forties, and you’re worried that you’ve left it too late to get in shape, I have some good news.

You haven’t.

The basic rules for building muscle after 40 are much the same as they were at the age of 30 or even 20.

Although the number of times you’ve travelled around the sun will affect the speed at which you progress, people of different ages respond to training in much the same way. It’s mainly the size of your results and the speed at which you attain them that varies.

I did say that your training doesn’t need to be radically different once you turn 40. Which is true. You certainly don’t need to change everything you’re doing.

But I do have a few quick ideas that will make your workouts more effective, leave your joints feeling better, and help you steer clear of injuries.

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