The Bear Grylls Bulletproof Keto Hack

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Keto diets are all the rage right now.

There are even supplements out there that contain ketones, to help you get into ketosis faster.

The Bear Grylls Bulletproof Keto Hack

Developed by renegade chemist Patrick Arnold – known for introducing various prohormones and stimulants to the supplement market, as well as creating the designer steroids at the heart of the BALCO professional sports doping scandal – these supplements will ease the metabolic transition to a low carb diet.

Your sleep will be optimized.

Your cognitive function will be off the charts.

You’ll feel ready to tackle almost anything – a hard workout in the gym or a late night at the office.

Even Navy SEAL divers have been using this stuff!

Problem is, these supplements are expensive.

And, because the raw materials are in short supply, often hard to come by.

The good news is that I have come up with a (free) alternative.

Ex SAS British adventurer Bear Grylls has been doing it for years, and look at how fit and healthy he is.

Plus, he’s a celebrity, is on TV a lot, and therefore must know exactly what he’s talking about.

Here’s what to do:

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