Every Couple Need These 7 Things And Safeguard To Build Healthy Relationship

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You have been in a healthy relationship for some time now and everything seems to be going great. And you are reading this because you want it to stay that way. Good for you!

I believe that there are seven components on how to have a healthy relationship. Pay attention to these seven things and safeguard your relationship from the things that can tear you apart:

  1. Good communication

Really, there is nothing more important for a healthy relationship than communication. Nothing.

It is important that we tell our partners when they aren’t making us feel good. It is important that we tell our partners that they are important to us. It is important that we tell our partners how much we love them.

I can’t tell you how many of my clients find it almost impossible to be honest with their partners about how they are feeling. They are scared of making themselves vulnerable and afraid of the outcome.

Just last night, a client was telling me that she felt like all of the hard work that she and her husband had put into saving their marriage was slipping away because he was busy at work and she was lonely. She said she was just going to try to find interests of her own. I suggested that she tell him she was worried that the results of their hard work were slipping away. Be honest with him about how she was feeling.

She did, he got it, and they made a plan for time together that weekend. Together.

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