Beautiful Reasons Why People With Anxiety Are The Best To Fall In Love With

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People with anxiety aren’t perfect, but nobody is.

When you love someone who has anxiety, you’re loving someone who is in tune with their every emotion. Someone who feels everything with their being and doesn’t apologize for it.

When you love someone who has anxiety you are loving someone who is sensitive and empathetic. And they are going to be sensitive with not only their own heart, but with your heart too.

They are going to be the type of person who senses your tension after a long day of work. They are going to sense your anger, just from your footsteps in the room. They are going to see your body language and hear the way you’re talking and immediately know if something is wrong.

People with anxiety are sensitive and old souls. They have so much heart. And they are going to pour all of their energy into this relationship.

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