8 Self-Care Practices That Might Be Helpful Supports In Your Daily Life Against Anxiety

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Would you tell someone with diabetes not to meet with a doctor because they should just focus on their spiritual life instead? Of course not. On the flip-side, would you tell them not to bring their situation before God in prayer because they’re seeing a doctor? No, you would not. Mental health is no different!

As a Christian, I believe there is a powerful spiritual component to our struggles. We live in a broken world filled with suffering, sickness, and trials. We face a very real enemy who wants nothing more than to crush our joy and cause us suffering. Ultimately, the Enemy wants to keep us from running into the arms of an almighty, all-powerful, and all-loving God. And let me tell you, few things can zap one’s joy, perseverance, and hope like attacks on our mental health.

But don’t let that weigh you down! Because no matter how real and overpowering our struggles may be, we serve a God who promised to go before his people in battle, to deliver us when everything feels hopeless, and to rescue us from the hands of the Enemy.

Sometimes it’s easy to forget just how powerful our God really is and that he’s on our side. But you guys, we serve a God who overcame death. A God who for real conquered the grave, delivered miraculous healing, parted seas, and brought dead bones back to life.

So claim that power over your struggles. Meditate on his Word daily. Pray in faith and pour out your exhausted cries at his feet. He’s there. He’s listening. And his power is at work within you—redeeming all that’s gone awry, strengthening your weary spirit, and offering an eternal hope that no amount of darkness in this life can steal from you.

I beg you, cling to that hope! Cling to his Spirit. Speak Christ’s truth into your battles daily. Claim spiritual victory in the face of whatever hell you’re facing, and rely on the Holy Spirit to fuel your fight when you’re convinced you have no fight left within you.

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