8 Self-Care Practices That Might Be Helpful Supports In Your Daily Life Against Anxiety

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Recently, I wrote an article about anxiety disorders in hopes of encouraging others to seek professional help. Today, I would like to follow up that post by sharing some of my favorite self-care practices for nurturing a peaceful mind and taking care of myself when life gets crazy.

As stated in my original article, anxiety disorders are classified as a mental illness and they are best treated by trained professionals. If you are struggling, set up regular meetings with a counselor who specializes in anxiety disorders, and meet with your doctor to discuss whether you have any physiological imbalances that may benefit from medications or natural supports.

*Please avoid the urge to find a quick fix. Choose instead to address the underlying causes of your struggles with your treatment team. If you only treat your symptoms but never address the cause, you will be doing yourself a disservice. Suppressing things will not work forever. I promise it will all bubble over eventually. Don’t wait for things to get worse.*

With all that said, please understand that the following self-care tips are not meant to replace professional help or intended to serve as treatment tips for mental illness. These are simply things I do in my normal routine to make self-care a priority. Once you have a qualified treatment team established and are receiving care built around your specific needs, feel free to read through some of my favorite self-care practices and see if any of these might be helpful supports in your daily life.

  1. Prayer & Meditating on Scripture.

Does seeking professional mental help mean discounting Biblical teaching? Absolutely not! I firmly believe mental health is best supported by looking at all aspects of a person’s life (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual). Professional help does not have to discount the spiritual side of our struggles, nor should it.

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