7 Things You Will Understand When Deeply In Love With Someone Through Depression

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There is this misconceived notion that living with and having depression makes you unlovable. At least that’s what it feels like inside the mind of loving someone with depression. It’s the question how can someone love even the darkest part of myself I’ve rejected?

The phrase ‘love yourself before someone can love you’, doesn’t apply to people who have depression. Because more than anything they are learning how to love and accept themselves. But sometimes, it takes following someone else’s lead to get there.

What people fail to address is the concept of truly being loved by another person is what will diminish depression. It might not go away but the closest someone can get to beating depression is learning to love another person and learning to let someone love you.

So how do you love someone like this? How do you overcome the battles you might never understand?

Through acceptance.

Understand that this might be something you will never understand. Internal battles within one’s self, can really only be understood to the core if you’ve lived through it. So you’ll have to accept this without fully understanding it. And yes, you’ll see the impact it might have on the person you love and that might impact you but just know it’s not something you’ll get. But you don’t have to understand this to love them.

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