5 Tips In That Become Tools In Your Belt When And If An Anxiety Attack Occurs

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When I began counseling my anxiety got triggered frequently. I was given a few tools to help my brain and body settle so I could continue the work. Each of these interrupts the physiological reactions happening naturally inside of a highly anxious mind. In a calmer state, hearts are better able to receive God’s instruction and truth. Perhaps, if we consider and practice these tips in advance of an attack, they’ll become tools in our belt when and if an anxiety attack occurs. If you don’t struggle yourself, perhaps you know, or will know, someone else who does. These tips could help you help them.


1. Plant your feet on the ground. If you are sitting cross-legged, uncross and set your feet flat on the ground.

2. Breathe deeply. There are different recommendations for breathing deep patterns. Each one determines how many seconds to breathe in from the nose, how many seconds to hold the breath in, and how may seconds to let the breath out through your mouth. It could be four counts in, four counts to hold, and eight counts to release. Or, try another variation to find what works for you.

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