5 Surprising Reasons Why Do Most Married Couples Stop French Kissing

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It’s not necessary.

At the beginning of a relationship, it’s important that both participants know that they are attracted to the other, and both parties want to express their sexual desires through an exchange of physical contact, like the French kiss.

As my husband says, “French kissing gets the motor running.” When you’re married, you’ve pledged your eternal love to the other person. You grow to know them better than anyone else and a mere look or simple touch says, “Hey, I am ready to go!”

As my Frenchman says, “When you’re married, the French kiss is not necessary.”

It requires energy.

Good French kissing takes energy. To serve its purpose it must be done correctly and that’s difficult when you’re fatigued. Even as the children grow older, their activities take up a great deal of time. Your careers are in full swing and success typically means more time spent at work.

Energy drives our lives. Everything we do depends on the energy we put towards it. In our fast-paced world, French kissing simply takes too much energy.

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