4 Mistakes You Should Avoid To Grow Massive Biceps And Defined Triceps

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  1. Training Arms For Max Strength

I have no issue with occasionally maxing out on moves like the barbell curls and close-grip bench. And, yes, a stronger muscle can be a bigger muscle. That said, there is little point in doing a triple with cable curls, and there is no powerlifting division for the single-arm push-down. So why train arms for max strength?

Low reps and heavy weight mean less time to pump blood into the muscles, and for muscles to grow, they need nutrients—the whole point of chasing the pump in the first place.

If you want to build arms, keep your reps at no fewer than 6, and 8-12 is better. This range is ideal for breaking down muscle fibers and giving you a great pump to help your arms grow.

  1. Going Too Basic

I know they say basics are best, and that certainly holds true for beginners. As you advance in your training, however, add variety to your arm workouts.

Maximizing your potential means stepping out of your comfort zone and trying moves you’re not as familiar with and your muscles have not adapted to yet. Like incline curls? Roll over on that bench and start trying spider curls. Fan of lying extensions? Give the seated version a shot.

If you’re stuck and just can’t think of any new workouts to grow your arms, check out our exercise database for new exercise ideas to keep your training program interesting and take your arms from good to great.

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