4 Mistakes You Should Avoid To Grow Massive Biceps And Defined Triceps

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Want big arms? Sometimes it’s as much about what you avoid in the weight room as what you focus on. To grow massive biceps and defined triceps, avoid these four doomed arm strategies!

Almost everyone who starts lifting does so because they want big arms. From blood flow restriction to increased time under tension, iron athletes will go to almost any length to make big arms a reality. I appreciate the excitement and commitment, but you should know training arms isn’t just what you do—it’s also about what you don’t do.

Some of these doomed strategies apply to other muscle groups, but you see them most frequently with arms. If you’re guilty of any of these common arm mistakes, cease and desist immediately!

  1. Relying On Momentum

With arms, the temptation is strong to satisfy the ego by doing more weight for the max reps possible. This means that you put a little more swing into your curls while adding some body English to your cable push-downs.

There are two problems here. First, you risk injury by forcing your muscles to lift a weight that is heavier than they can handle with good form. Second, other muscles that have no business lifting the weight are going to try to join the party, which again compounds your risk of injury.

While there’s nothing wrong with trying to get a last rep or two by cheating a little, the bottom line is this: If you can’t lift the weight without using momentum from the get-go, it’s too heavy. Period. Start with a lighter weight at a slower tempo to keep tension on your muscles and build real size and strength.

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