4 Golden Rules to Including Essential Oils in Juices

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Rule 2: Using Essential Oils in Juices for Taste

Blending based on flavor is another important factor in using essential oil and fresh juice combinations. Some ingredients, like certain greens that shall remain nameless (we’re looking at you, kale), can have incredible health benefits — but they taste terrible on the tongue. A food-grade essential oil like orange be used in place of zest for a similar flavorful pop, but as with all oils, a little goes a long way. Taste-testing with every few drops of the recommended portion can help you figure out the perfect amount per recipe.

Sometimes, you need the juice to hide the flavor of an essential oil that might have necessary beneficial properties but might be a difficult flavor to pair if you’re dealing with a picky palate. Some fresh juices are perfect for carrying oils through a smoothie blend; the cold and combined ingredients incorporate the oil’s flavor in ways that mellow the flavor or mask it all together.

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