11 Things You Need To Understand When Fall In Love With Girls With Anxiety

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It takes us time to fall in love.

It takes us longer than the average person to fully fall in love because our anxiety makes us incredibly cautious. Our anxiety tells us that no one sane would ever fall in love with us back, and at times it can overpower our own thoughts.

We are guarded.

We guard our own hearts like they could be taken from us any second. We have been burned before and our anxiety makes us petrified that the person we care for will eventually hurt us.

We don’t trust him or her right off the bat.

It takes us awhile to open up to the person we are falling for. Why? Because our anxiety gives us reasons to feel paranoid even if there’s no reason to be. We want to trust them, but it takes us a really long time for that trust to even begin.

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